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This ministry is a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, and to bring this message to the world as the Lord leads....

     My affiliations are with the Non-Denominational and Assembly of God denominations world-wide, I belong to the National Organization for Business Women, and you can find me in "Who's Who in the Cambridge World Directory," there are countless other Christian organizations I participate in and currently founder of the "Redeemed of the Lord Ministry," publisher of "The Holy Kiss, Christian magazine, and was a Voluntary Hospital Chaplain here in the Treasure Valley, Southern Idaho.  I support all Christian denominations for Unity Corporately in the entire Body of Jesus Christ our only Lord and Savior.  What I mean by Unity is that, across the Christian denominations I encourage all Christian denominations to drop the barriers that we as Christians have thinking we have the only denomination on the planet that is right.  Won't it be interesting to see how Jesus feels about is when He returns and we see all truth.  We are all part of the Body of Christ.  His "Word." says in Rom 12:4-5, which states that we have many members in the Body, but different functions, so we who are many, are one Body.  Let us truely love one another as our God in Heaven loves us, in Jesus Christ!!

This ministry began with a hunger and desire to know God more. I left the San Francisco Bay area in 1995 and after a life transforming experience at South Kona Assembly of God, Hawaii in Jan. 1997, I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in July under Pastor Jeremiah and Kitty Hoaeae.  Later, friend and mentor Evangelist Gloria Morgan was a visiting Evangelist the Lord used to activate and impart the ministry call on my life in 2003 after returning from a Joyce Meyer conference. Gloria is now Associate Pastor of Reconciliation Penecostal Assembly, Phoenix, Arizona and an Honorary member of the Board for "The Redeemed of the Lord" a Non-Denominational International Holy Spirit Filled ministry.

Pastors Jeremiah and Kitty Hoaeae nurtured me through my first year of trials and sent me on to Maui, HI where I ministered to singles for a total of four years in the Hawaiian Islands before the Lord led me to Branson, MO in 11/99.

In addition,  my covering is Apostle/Pastor Tim Snider and wife Betty, President of Healing River International Ministries, a Full-Gospel Non-Denominational ministry, Branson, Missouri since Dec. 1999 to present...

Personal Background...update:

My name is Dorothea Joyce Pine, my friends and family call me "Joy."  I am filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and the "joy of the Lord" is my strength. I was born in Sacramento, California.  I recently completed a bachelors degree at the Boise State University, December 2013 and Graduate degree in Dispute/Conflict Resolution.  Currently finishing a Masters Degree in Health Education, at Idaho State University and Graduate Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management at Boise State University 2015, and finishing a Masters of Health Education.  My goal is to help people make their lives better spiritually and physically.

I am a mother of 4 grown children with 5 grandchildren.  In the past I was founder and owner of a Job Placement corporation in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 10 years while I raised my children as a single mother.  In April 2003, The Redeemed of the Lord was formed as an International Holy Spirit Filled Non Denominational ministry.

School took too much of my time as I was also placing computer professionals and directing the daily office functions, as well as raising my children. It was time to make a change. I needed the Lord, and soon discovered Him after leaving this life in California to start over in Kona, Hawaii in Dec. 1995. Since Jan 1997 until now, the ministry has continued from as far southwest of the United States as the Hawaiian Islands, to about as far Southeast of the United States to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. My ministry training was primarily in the Hawaiian Islands under the Assemblies of God denominations. I started out  ministering to singles in the singles business I started in Hawaii, when the Lord lead me to Branson, MO, then to Evangelize in Sarajevo, Bosnia 2000 to intersessory prayer for the surrounding area and team members as I was able to watch the Lord deliver the people from Yugoslavia from oppression in Oct. of 2000. Six months after a series of revival meetings at Healing River Worship Center I was used by the Lord to preach the Gospel at the pulpit and to lead a revival service in Hamer, South Carolina, the Lord led through me.

After 911 hit the timeshare industry which has been my day time job, I was led to St. Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands.  Little did I know at the time I would be involved in not only personal evangelism bringing souls to Jesus, but to start a Cell Group and encourage Cell or Small groups in the area churhes which now is in place throughout St. Thomas through the St Thomas Assembly of God. Other areas of ministry have been in song and interceeding for the churches, even writing a play on the "Fall of Jericho" to be performed as a praise dance for the Lord someday. 

After the Joyce Meyers ministers conference in April 2002, on my trip to St. Louis, the Lord led me to Branson, MO where a "word" was spoken over me at "The Hiding Place" restaurant and ministry about returning shortly to Branson. After a few confirmations, I returned to finish the work in Branson.  I was ordained in April of 2003.  In addition I was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Pastor Tim Snider and his wife prayed for the Lord to ordain my steps back to St. Thomas to finish the work and then to return to California.  After returning to Branson for the second time, they prayed for the Lord to Ordain my steps back to California to complete work there.

I am always in study and encourage others until the Lord takes us home...
John Ivaska's courses at "Healing River Worship Center" were a series of classes I completed for Cell Pastor training.  Many useful tools for ministering are listed on the "WHAT"S   NEW" page under books I reccommend.

Finishing the call in the Virgin Islands, it was time to return to the US to reunite with family and friends and other ministries.

As of July, 2003, the Lord led me home to California to do a work here as well and my first ministry call, motherhood. I am blessed to have 4 exceptional grown children. The Lord has answered my prayers.

Other ministry calls,  Lake Placid, New York, New Hope Church, under Pastor Richard Ducatt, the Lord began to refresh me before ministering in Idaho with family, then Branson again, then to where it all began in California until the Lord leads again.

Aloha, Currently, I am in the Hawaiian Islands again since Nov 2003, a complete circle back to do the work He started in me.  God is faithful.

Now I am called to Missions for the time being in Kona, Hawaii go an Outreach as the Lord leads and wherever else that He wants me to go....which is a visit with my mother since my father recently passed on.

Mother is settled after the holidays and I am back to work in California which I enjoy which is business and ministry as the Lord leads.  With 4 children in California, that are all grown and independant, it will be difficult for me to leave California.  This may be the new headquarters for the network or "Team of Eagles," which is "The Redeemed of the Lord ministers worldwide.  Good to be home.....

That was a short but needed time in California, to get reacquainted with friends, to share in my families lives as my four grown children move into their places where the Lord leads them to fullfill their destiny in Him and in the lives of their families.  And now I am back home in Washington, with family and church families as the Lord leads in this very key time in history, a dispensation that will no longer look the same to Christians or the world for that matter!  Praise the Lord as we prepare for His coming!

Since September I am back in Idaho, and grateful for the "Team of Eagles," we support each other during transistions and in ways as the Lord leads.  This seems to be a season unfolding with study in the word at Boise Bible College at night and ministering where needed as well as working to support it all...not sure what the Lord is doing completely, but I trust that He is doing something awesome because He loves me!

Going to Boise Bible College and ministering in Idaho where needed as the Lord leads!  This is a new day and I have been given a vision to organize a Crusade for Christ, that only He can guide me through with prayers and whoever He sends to help me, because it is not on my strength alone, but remembering that all things are possible for those who love the Lord according to His will!!

4/26/2010 - Aloha! The Lord has called me back to the Hawaiian Islands, so I am looking forward to His next move it this ministry as well as the other ministries released through this ministry......

 06/29,2014 - The Lord has sent me back to Idaho again, as He promises to finish the work He started in me.   

5/4/2018 - Now the Lord has led me back to California for 2 years and always open to the newness of an adventure with Him.  I was able to finish a couple of academic goals, fininshing a Bachelors degree, B S Interdisciplinary Studies at Boise State 2013, and Graduate Degree in Dispute/Conflict Resolution Management.  The plan is to finish an MHE this Summer, Lord willing.  The focus on this ministry seems to be to encourage the team, and through networking with Leadership workshops as the Lord leads.  

May the Lord bless you abundantly