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May 15, 2018

Prayers for the Big Island, people of the Island who are evacuated, over 2,000 now.

October 19, 2011

Please pray for Jim and Sue Eller, of Reardon, WA, "Moving In The Power of the Spirit," for their Spring outreach, that they may move in the Power of the Spirit, and not of their own strength.

Mar. 9, 2009

Please Pray for:

The Redeemed of the Lord ministers their ministries, and the families of all the following ministers, Pastors Jeremiah and Kitty Hoeaea of Big Island of Hawaii Pastors James and Coleen Morrocco, Maui, Hawaii, Apostle Tim and Betty Snider, Walnut Shade, Missouri, Pastor Richard and Sandra Ducatt, New York, Pastors Bernard and Shirley Hayes Hamar, South Carolina, Pastors George and Agatha in the USVI, Pastor Adeline in Spokane, Washington, and for the next move of God.

Aug. 12, 2008

Prayer covering in this ministry for the move of God in the churches of Spokane, Washington!

May 15, 2008

Please pray for prayer covering for the Redeemed of the Lord ministers and their families as they continue the work, as the Lord leads.


Dec. 3, 2007

God answers prayer, here is the praise report below!!!!


PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!  Steve was found today, alive.  I don't know his condition, but I know who is in charge of His life.  over 100 man search and rescue party went out today on snow mobiles and on foot looking for him.  He was lost for 2 nights in a snow storm.  Another giant storm hit about an hour after he was found.  They said if they hadn't found him before it hit, there wouldn't have been any hope.  I'm so glad that we serve a God that nothing is hidden from His eyes.  He was there all the time.  Thank you so much for your prayers. It's wonderful to know that we have each other to strengthen  and back us up in time of emergency and distress. 
God Bless You All,
Love and Hugs,
Mother ( Gloria ) Morgan


Dec. 2, 2007

Please pray for Gloria Morgans Nephew, here is her request:  got a call tonight that my nephew, Steven Parham, from Idaho, left to join a group on a hunting trip and never showed up.  They have found his truck, but he is missing.  The weather is below 20 degrees where he went.  This is the second night that he hasn't been found.  PLEASE PRAY.  He knows the Lord and knows how to pray.  He is the son of my sister that passed away a little while back. 

Thank you for your prayers,
Gloria Morgan

Nov. 16, 2007

Please pray for Eric and Griselda Sanchez at TRT for finances, heath and well being during this season and any season.

May 27, 2007

Prayer covering for Hawaii Sept. 21, 23, for direction in the 90 day plan as the Lord leads, prayer for all the ministers of "The Redeemed of the Lord, " and this ministry for direction and finances.

April 22, 2007

Prayer covering for April 30, for deliverance meeting in Anaheim for "The Redeemed of the Lord," prayer requests are being taken, just sent your requests for names of people and their need for deliverance, named or not named, the Lord knows what they need. 

April 7, 2007

Please pray for the Redeemed of the Lord ministers and their families.  Please pray for the move of God in Southern California and what my next move as founder of "The Redeemed of the Lord."  Prayer covering for Benny Hinn ministries as he continues to be obdient to the Lord and that he continue to be key in the bringing in the souls of the lost for Salvation.  Prayer for an Israel outreach as the Lord leads and His timing for the Redeemed ministers/Pastors Internationally. 

Dec. 1, 2006

Please pray for salvation in all the families mentioned below, and our ministers families.  Please pray for the divine appointments and the Lords leading in the ministry He has appointed me to here in Southern California.  Prayer covering for the recovering of The Big Island of Hawaii earthquakes. 

Nov. 25, 2006

Please pray for the ministers in this ministry international and home and their families.  Also, for Emily Feld who has recently been deployed to Iraq. 

Oct. 13, 2006

Please pray for Pastors Jeremiah and Kitty Hoaeae who will be traveling to Palm Springs the last week of October.  Please pray for Minister Trish LuPiba as she will be traveling to the Las Vegas area and the Grand Canyon for a little R & R with family.  Please pray for my next move with the Redeemed of the Lord, as I wait on His timing and leading with a new relationship, yes, a man the Lord brought to me recently.  Please keep Pastor/Chaplain Donna Barira as she attends a class in Las Vegas this weekend.  Please keep the Redeemed of the Lord ministers covered in prayer to include 17 ministers to date.  Please keep Clinton Heberman in prayer as he continues the work with his new bride for Impact World Tours.  Please keep Pastor Gloria Morgan in your prayers as she and her son continue the ministry in Phoenix, AZ with Reconcilliation Pennicostal Ministries, and all the families mentioned above.

Oct. 12, 2005

Please pray for the ministries in Idaho, Rob and Kathy Harper editors of the Lampstand newsletter are doing a great job introducing the move of God in Wallace, Id, please keep them in prayer as their mission continues. 

Sept. 4, 2005

Praise report, we prayed for Nalu on the Island and he is completely heald of cancer, a miracle, please pray he is healed completely of other medical problems..

Aug. 29, 2005

Please pray for Minister Paul Barira who just had a very serious operation and is in recovery.  God is faithful, he went into the operation preaching and came out of the operation preaching.  Seems the Bariras have stepped into hospital ministry for the time being.  Minister Pat his wife, both from "The Redeemed of the Lord," need continual prayer support as Paul is on the mend.  Everything seems to be seasonal,"a time for everything under heaven." ECL 3.

Aug. 7, 2005

Please pray for Rhonda, our minister in Branson, MO.  Her son's funeral is Tues. a tragedy.  Pray for her comfort during this storm. 

Aug. 3, 2005

Please pray for the churches on the Big Islands and revival island wide.  Please pray that our team has clear direction in the many opportunities to do God's strategic planning when we get to Israel.   Please pray for my clear direction on how to go about this "call" with every detail met that I am suppose to do while I am here.  Please pray for the ministers of the Redeemed of the Lord ministry that their "callings," will be supported and defined as the Lord's agenda is His agenda.  Funds are still needed for this Israel outreach.  Even when the airfare is purchased on or by Aug. 11th.  Please pray we get a break on airfare.  Please pray that we will leave lasting fruit in our short time of 2 months there.

July 29, 2005

Please pray for our teams outreach fees to be in by Aug. 11, 2005, and for focus on where we will be going, itenerary for ISRAEL with the possibility of Jordan and Egypt

July 11, 2005

Please pray for Pastors Jeremiah and Kitty Hoaeae for the next move of God in their ministry, for provision and confirmations.

July 5. 2005

Please pray for our International Pastor/Evangelist  Marguerite Yoshino on her new endeavor in the Lord up in Seatle, Washington. 

And our Pastoral teams and ministers and families worldwide.

Please pray for my training through summer.

April 21, 2005

Please continue to pray for Pastor Paul Barira's miraculous healing, for my son Gregs mission trip to the Philipines April 22, for 2 weeks.  Please pray for Don Stephens safe return back to the states.

April 16, 2005

Please pray for Pastor Paul Barira Sr. as he is in the hospital with a very serious prognosis. Please pray for a miracle healing. 

April 6, 2005

Please pray for our financial needs to be met for our church, a building fund, a new overhead projector and screen.  For the software upgrade to powerpoint presentations for our music.  For expanded music ministry.

For my new place to live when I get back to The Big Island at the end of this month.

Please pray for Don Stephens safe return from Kosovo where he was able to do a breakthrough teaching to Muslims at their University.

Mar. 6,2005

Please pray for Missionary Don Stephens for a safe return from his teaching in Albania, safe journey home to Bosnia and back to the US even Hawaii per his desire.
As the Lord leads....

Please pray for the next move of God in my life for the upcoming events of The Redeemed of the Lord Fellowship, direction focus, management staff, etc.

Please pray for Rev. Clinton Hebberman in Perth Austrailia for protection and for strength during this trial he faces, as he is not alone in it.

Pray for the "Glory of God" manifest presence in order to bring for the Kingdom of God on the earth, now so the Bride of Christ with be ready for the Bridegroom.

November 23 - 25 Please pray for Missionary Don Stephens for his one time ministry at the University in Kosovo.  The topic "Biblical Worldview, I suspect would be a challenge in a Muslim nation.

Look for a Pensicola revival prayer coming soon.......


July 24, 2004


Praise report:  The location was miraculously provided for and now it is time to pray for the Lord's next move in the positive change in my work schedule having Sunday's off. 


Please pray for:


Next location in Waikoloa, HI and the provision to get it started.  The workers for the Harvest.  The volunteers for this project or significant adventure in the Lord.  The true heart of the Lord's purpose in this ministry for this next move.


June 5, 2004 "A Concert of Praise"starring Bob House, famous Country Gospel Singer, who wrote "Could I have This Dance" for  Ann Murray.  Please keep him and the concert praise dancers in prayer.


Jan 5, 2004  "Lord we praise you more in 2004!"


Prayer covering for our Pastoral Staff:  THE REDEEMED OF THE LORD


Big Island  2004, Ministers Conference, Curiculum Developement, Women's ministry Oahu, Ministers Support ministries,


Covering for ministries listed below:


Sept. 29, 2003

Please pray for the homeless in San Francisco and in the Hawaiian Islands

Please pray for Pastor Jerehiah and Kitty Hoaeae for the next move of God.

Please pray for the Ministry Cruise around the Hawaiian Islands this March.

May 9, 2003
Please for for Pastor Joyce Cox as she continues a good work for the Lord with her husband in their church up North and the 2 hour drive to work here 2 days a week.

May.5, 2003 , Update, praise the Lord for 30 chairs, a loan from "Father's Heart Church."

Please pray for...:
"The Father's Heart Church" Pastors Jerry and Michelle O'Dell,and son Jason, Hollister, MO for the Lord to bring in the harvest of souls to lead to Jesus, that their property will sell for their relocation so the commute will discontinue of the 2 hour drive to serve the Lord. Provision for the building, intercessors for this new ministry that has replaced a night club, praise the Lord!

...for Associate Pastor Gloria Morgan and Pastor Doug Morgan of Reconciliation Penecostal Chruch, Phoenix, AZ Pastors Jeremiah and Kitty Hoaiai at South Kona Assembly of God, The Big Island, Hawaii, Dr. James Moracco and wife at First Assembly of God Maui, Hawaii, Apostle/Pastor Tim and wife Betty Snider, Healing River Worship Center and Healing River International Ministries,Walnut Shade and Branson, MO, for Pastors Bernard and Shirley Hayes Truevine Penecostal Ministries, Hamer, South Carolina, for Dr. George and Agatha Phillips of "Assembly of God" "Oasis of love and Hope" in St. Thomas, USVI, for Pastor Richard Ducat of "New Hope" in Lake Placid, New York, Crossroads International Branson, MO

Personal prayer:

1) requests for this ministry to grow in the way the Lord leads specifically, the next move...
2)Prayer for the CD "Holy Kiss Expressions" to be finished before I leave Branson.
3)Prayer for the Holy Kiss Magazine to be completed and published timely before I leave Branson.
4)Thanks to the Lord for providing all my needs according to His riches and glory...and to the friends support in Christ Jesus I have met in my travels and trials along the way.
5)Prayer for doors to open and close according to His will. Most recently on the womens ministries and for "The Holy People...the Redeemed of the Lord Jesus Christ fellowship starting, and church planting.
6)provision for recent endeavors and past expences to be caught up and paid in full without hinderance in what the Lord is doing today.
7)Pray for my health to do all that the Lord has ordained for me to do.
8) Please pray for Sarajevo and the American teams as they are diligent in continuing the work there and for the next the Lord leads
9) Need a new lap top computer and scanner.

Praise report:

1) for the follow through on the offers.

2) The Lord's blessing on the advertisers for "The Holy Kiss Magazine.


3) Direction for the Hawaiian Islands ministries and divine appointments


Prayer requests to my email address: