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This is a journal of what God is doing with this ministry in 2009 ...

This UPDATE has changed to THE BLOG UPDATES....

May 17, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated my site for a little while there was a problem getting into it so I am back and ready to leave a message.  Last month ended with another great time with leading worship and the Lord led me into a healing altar call as He moved in His power through myself and a couple of others who were obedient to the Holy Spirit.  The Lord also gave me a vision last month for a Crusade for Christ which was beyond what have done in the past, but nothing is impossible with Christ!!  So far some of the Pastors I have met with are interested in participating so, unity in the entire Body of Christ is pretty exciting and is what the message has been for a long time, bridging the gaps and coming together for His cause throughout the denominations...I am happy to serve Him this way and will keep everyone posted so let me know if you are attending or want to participate, we will be "Bringing in the Harvest," on a large scale...Stadium style.  Thank you for your prayers as it unfolds and His work is complete in the great commision.  Matt 18:11, "He came to save that which was lost! " 

Tomorrow is Pastor Gordons fathers funeral, of Treasure Valley Worship Center, ...please lift the family in prayer as his fathers graduation to see The Father in heaven is fullfilled in eternity..our eventual destination!!

April 4, 2009

Last Wed. evening I enjoyed leading worship for a 4 Square Non-Denominal church in Meredian,ID called Treasure Valley Worship Center.  This is such a family type church where people don't ask you several times if this is your first time here.  Usually they recognize you from the first time you arrive.  That is difficult to do in the larger churches even if there are small groups.  I have attended off and on for the past 6 months and felt like I would like to do more than be a spectator.  I guess after the humbling experience of forgeting to have my reading glasses handy at the pulpit before leading worship and having to go to my seat to get them having to interupt the service was just a reminder to me of how imperfect I am.  Good thing we will have better bodies in the Resurrection where we won't have to use them at all!  lol...  Anyway, I am asked to do it again the last Wed. of this month so I guess there is grace abounding!  The Lord has been giving me poems through the years and one yesterday that has to to with how He wept tears like waterfalls for us, even though we don't deserve his grace it is a free gift given to us through His Salvation into eternity.  These past several months have been a special time with Him being alone with Him in Idaho.  Please pray for clarity in my next step.  It is all about trusting Him with everything....Guess I will attend a church tonight I haven't visited in a while.  I like to see what other churches are doing in the area and certainly I can use a refill among the Saints in Worship...Be blessed in all you do and remember Jesus this Ressurection Sunday coming up soon.  Enjoy His Waterfall of blessings! But most of all remember His Sacrifice for us!

March 30, 2009

Last night I attended an amazing meeting on Leadership in Ministry from a local church in Nampa, ID, the main topic is how we as leaders get pre-occupied with the doing of things in ministry that we forget the main thing which is to bring in the lost.  Matt 18:11 KJV.....Several scriptures in John in the New Testament were referenced....such as the reference to Last Supper....how the Disciples were busy fighting over who was the greatest in the Kingdom by their works when the most historical and significant moment was about to happen, the act that defeated satan and brought salvation....a free gift to all of us!  Everlasting life is the peace in knowing we are going to heaven and it is nothing that we did to deserve or earn it!  We are there because we believe and trust in God and what He did by sending His only begotten son to die in our place.....Jesus washed the feet of His Disciples as they were bickering among each other....when Jesus set the example that we are to serve...be a servant....not a door mat to others, He show the world that when we take the communion in rememberance of what He did we also partake of His mission to go after the lost ...... I will quote the speaker...the only difference between us who are saved and the the rest of the world who are lost is the blood of Jesus."  We have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.  If we don't just stop there but learn of the things of God to go from the infancy stage of belief to the maturity that Apostle so clearly speaks of in his letter to the Corinthians, that we will experience the blessings of the Kingdom of God on earth in God's economy, not the present one of the U.S. or the rest of the world! As a reminder:  Step one, receive Jesus after you ask Him for forgiveness of your sins...Step two, ask Him to come into your life this very moment and learn about Him so you can get to the right road that leads to blessings here on earth as well as have eternal life in heaven instead of hell!  It is a free gift for the asking, what have you get to lose but your life as it is to gain life forever when you leave here.  If you don't know where you are going, it's time to find out, life here on earth is only a fleeting moment in time compared to eternity!!! God's Love to you all in Jesus our Savior in rememberance of Him this Easter....the miracle of Easter!!

Feb. 26, 2009-

This has been a new adventure living in Idaho, classs is going well, still pursuing the job hunt and other ministry opportunities as the Lord leads.  Thank you for your prayers....!!

Had a great time with my son Greg last month, we were so busy that weekend that I lost a couple pounds....I will have to invite him out more often..Ha!


Jan. 15, 2009

Praise the Lord.  My class starts at Boise Bible College...thanks for your prayers!  It has been difficult getting all 7 transcripts from the college and universities that I attended in time for registration so it looks like I will be starting out with one class in the evening.  I have wanted to do this for such a long time.  God is faithful.  Easing into this after being away from full time classes is probably wise.  I will probably go full time in Sept. to finish a Bachelors Degree.  Somewhere between raising 4 children as a single mom, I am finally finishing my degree around the same time my children will be.  But learning is an ongoing effort that never stops for me whether it is formal or just reading the latest best seller.  I just finished "The Shack," recently after a couple of referals about how relevant it is to draw closer to our God through his son, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge as to who God is, who His Son is and who the Holy Spirit is...the true essence of their existence with us! 

Getting ready to go skiing sometime soon, with the snow on the mountain and only 40 minutes away, it seems a waste not to enjoy that beauty of God's creation on the whitle slopes of the resort.  Probably when my son arrives we will have to check it out.

Daughter Liz was out to spend some time together, which was awesome.  It has been a while since the two of us had some time alone together.  Now she is back to school in California.  Son Greg is visiting at the end of the month!  I am so blessed to spend time with my children...it is just so hard to believe how time flies by and now they are all grown up. 

Still interviewing to find a day job that will complete the getting settled portion of this journey in Boise, Idaho. So far I have attended a lot of churches in the Treasure Valley and most recently "Family Life Church."  There is a fast going on 40days until Feb. 14.  This is a varied fast from TV to a type of food etc.  Anything that keeps us away from out time with the Lord can be challenged on this fast.  I already gave of caffine in coffee so I am working on something else this time.  I would encourage anyone to do the same, not just for a season, but anytime something cuts into our devotion with our relationship in Jesus, all else breaks loose!  Time to do some housekeeping! 

So my message for Jan 2009, is Relationship, Relationship, Relationship, where are we, "Give Jesus more time in 2009," !!!   MORE TIME IN 2009!!!!!!! God bless you all....! until later.....



Dec. 8, 2008

Boise, Idaho is an entirely different challenge than any other place I have lived.  When the Lord showed me that this is where I am to live.....I felt peace...however, the pieces of the puzzel are forming slower than the microwave time that I am use to moving at....What attracted me to this place initially is that I wanted to be in a place that would have less snow, not as big a city as Sacramento, and close enough to relatives that I could drive to...I am looking at finishing school, my B.S degree since I only have one year left.  Theology is what I am looking at, however I have three years of a business degree and may need to finish that first,....I would rather go right into a Bible college, but the process is in process...waiting on the Lord. 

Recently I heard about how Christians are being critisized about not being the perfect examples of what we represent.  I spoke to someone who claimed to be a Christian, only he didn't know that he was suppose to accept Jesus as his personal Savior first in order for Jesus to do the work...As the conversation escalated in to why he would critisize Christians, it became evident that the basics were missing to support the argument.  Unbelievers don't know how to spiritually discern because the very basic foundation of Christ is missing in their lives.  But one who thinks they are a Christian and doesn't know who he is in Christ, let alone know Jesus Christ is damaging.  What I mean by that is that because some believe that Christianity is a culture choice based on what a parent told them or someone told them who they were without knowing basically who Jesus is.  This is probably the saddest state of being there is.  Jesus died for us imperfect people which is all mankind.  He rose again on the third day and is alive, He said He would come back for us and to live for Him until then.  The blessings that come from knowing who He is can only come from first accepting Him.  When the world suffers in unbelief, Christians suffer in belief.  The unbeliever has no eternal hope, the believer has "joy," in suffering, knowing there is eternal hope.  That is a simplified version of one example of what we have that the world doesn't.  Being a Christian does not come without trials, but there is sence in our suffering and the joy in that alone cannot be bought with a price....Jesus paid the price already.  Living with Him and continually working on our imperfections is better than going it alone without an anchor, Jesus is more than that....

Oct. 2, 2008

It has been a while since my last update, but it was an eventful month in September.  Ususally I am off in Hawaii about now for my birthday but the Lord had other plans for me.  After getting back from out of town, vacation and on business, I was met with many challenges.  Should I come home and take a job that isn't really what I want just to have something, or does God have more than that for me?  I was asked to give a message in order to give the Pastor a break some Sunday, so on my trip, the Lord spoke to my spirit about 'Yielding to the Holy Spirit.'  I encountered a radio station special on yielding to the Spirit, but it was more of who we are in Christ and how we yield.  We have no titles is Christ, we are all His sevants, there is no rank or file, we identify ourselves as His followers, a basic.  Except, we need to know who the Holy Spirit is so we can yield, or listen to His teaching or comfort as we were promised, as Jesus left this earth and said he would leave us a comforter... as we experience this part of the trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  So, when my life was spared on my way home from hitting a 2 foot boulder, rock in the road, I needed to cry out to THE ROCK, Jesus is our Rock and our Salvation.  He heard me and I walked away with more damage to my car than I thought, and a jolt to my system that the Lord is healing as I write!  Listening to the Holy Spirit means to get rid of the junk of life that happens to the just as well as the unjust and think on things of good report, as in Phil.4:8 there is a reason for this scripture as I continually remind myself in order to have that peace that is promised.  I have found that even speaking the words as though it were so will change our path.  God spoke the world into existence so our direction through our very words can lead us to the right path or not!  I think this is one of the most difficult of self disciplines because training our tounge requires a continual quest of "holding every thought captive and obedient to the mind of Christ.."  So, in order to clear our minds, we practice daily of giving over to God that which only He can carry and listen to what He has in store for us daily.,. Our relationship with Him is more important than any relationship in the world.  What a blessing to hear Him as we allow Him to direct our lives in the path we should go.

In closing, by the time I got home I was ready to give the message, the message that I myself so desperately needed.  Serving Him has been my greatest joy through all the trials of life.

Aug. 12, 2008

Saturday and Sunday were a continual flow of divine appointments.  A lot of ministeries are getting ready for what the Lord is doing next!  But, we must have Unity is His body of believers!  The Bride of Christ is being prepared for His coming so we need to walk in His ways!  5 church services last weekend and I am seeing that everyone is in expectation for this time He has been preparing His church for.  We can't JUST play church when there is a dying world needing Jesus, hearing about Him and knowing what He did for us.  He died, and rose again with resurection power and passed the annointing to us, entrusting us to be obedient, to share his life, He is the way the truth and the Life, there is no other way under heaven to get to our eternal destination to heaven in victory, overcoming the world, taking a deeper look at who He is so we will know who we are to be in order to follow Him.  Time to step out in faith!  To do what Abraham did when He was called out, away from His fathers house to leave all that was familiar to Him to step out in faith as the Lord called Him.  We all have different fuctions in the Body of Christ, to make up the entire family of God.  It is a call to be humble before the King as He directs all of our life, not just the convenient places that we fit into our life. We need to fit into His place, that eternal place where we will glorify Him and bring in the Harvest with praise and petition for all He has called home, that none should perish!  So, team of eagles, rise above this temporary fleeting moment in eternity and give Him our best, since that is what He has for us, our utmost for His highest!

Thank you for all who are praying for our team and for all who want to share in the victory of what Jesus has in store for us ------ keep going and finish the race to the very end...to hear the words.."well done good and faithful servant!"


Aug. 4, 2008

This has been a challenging week, new place to live, waiting on the Lord for what He brought me here for.  Last evening was such an outpouring of the Holy Spirit people were getting healed at Shilo church in Spokane.  I got healed, after I was ministering in the gift of healing the Lord healed me!  It has happened before...but last night was an amazing move of God.  Last night was exceptional, when the 5 fold ministry breaks loose in resurection power, all heaven rejoices!  It felt good to minister, and like the parable of the talents, when the Lord gives us gifts, we need to use them so that He can bless us even more as well as those He wants to touch through us.  Stepping out in faith and obedience can be challenging, but His rewards speak volumes!  There are so many miracles still to come.  We wait, we pray, we watch, we listen, and obey....and then in His timing, the Lord moves!  I don't want to miss any of it! 

July 26, 2008

Timing!  So there have been some radical changes since this past update.  As I waited on the Lord, He surprised me with His greatness.  I asked Him to move me to the next step.  So, on July 14th when I was surprisingly released from my job, I was packed up in a few days and by the Grace of God, He sent me to stay with family here in Washington.  When He says Go..we go.....when He says Stay....we stay!  So here I am waiting again on the next step.  Today I enjoyed an experience at a SDA church. It was like walking into any other traditional church.  One of the finance classes is the same one my son and his wife took, at their non denominational / or 4 square church.  Music was traditional, but I did hear some amens out loud and other expressions in the service the was refreshing.  It was different sitting and singing in the pew instead of standing and lifting my hands in that freedom of expression.  However I am also aware that some SDA churches have modern praise and worship music so again, denominations are starting to look a lot alike across the denominations in their use of popular praise music. 

Since their Sabbath is celebrated on Saturday in the SDA church, it is notably much like the Jewish Shabbot begins friday night and ends Saturday eve!  Or at least most of the Jewish population.  When I was in Israel years ago, there were several different Sabbath days in the land of Israel, the land of the Jewish faith called Shabbot.  Some were on Tues. or Thurs. and you had to know when it was.  My missionary friends there years ago had their car stoned because you cannot drive through their town on those days.  That is a little bit like the letter of the law or the traditions of men getting confused about the Sabbath I think.  The discussion was on the Sabbath today, so hummmm, 

It is all about Unity in the Body of Christ again...we are the Bride of Chirst across the denominations, our goal is to bring souls to Jesus.  Help them grow and teach them to serve the Lord!  Sometimes man just makes a mess out of it trying to get hung up on all the other stuff that we won't know for sure about until He comes back again, He said he would leave and come back again for His Bride, the Bride of Christ!  Won't we all be surprised to have the full knowledge of the truth then!  As far as this ministry?  That will be as the Lord leads.....

July 8, 2008

Wow, what a weekend with family, starting with my oldest son and his wife, followed by my 3 children and their friends, it has truely been a nice reunion.  Fortunately, I was able to take the time off from work to spend with family.  So beginning tomorrow, it will be work as usual, and planning as the Lord leads.  There is a time and a season for everything under heaven, and I am in awe as I watch how the Lord unfolds our lives in His perfect timing. 

July 3, 2008

So here it is the 4th of july weekend!  Our Saturday Bible study is postponed to next month the first Saturday of August!  A lot happening, last night was the first of a series of training classes at the hospital for volunteer hospital Chaplain that I am participating, by the grace of God.  I was able to work extra hours at work to make up for the time missed in order to serve our community in a different capacity.  The Word for the day is to stay in the Word of God daily so we do not miss the trumpet sound for the day is near!!!  Love and blessings to you all as we celebrate our freedom in Christ in this country, the United States of America....God Bless America!!!

June 7, 2008

Well praise the Lord!  After and excellent meeting, Bible Study which looks like the direction the Lord is leading is, a "Womens Bible Study." Women need a place to be encouraged in the "Word of God,"so I am looking forward to what the Lord is doing in the next meeting....and how He is in charge of it! 

It is good to be back to work for about 4 weeks without feeling like myself.  Two of those weeks, were not working and the week before and after, I might as well not have been there because I wasn't feeling well and came back sooner than I should have.  We had a lot of changes at work, which is all good, but missing out on what made our office succeed last month will take some catching up.  Our new boss seems to have what it takes to turn the office around.  I wouldn't want her job.  But I am greatful to be employed during these time and very motivated to get the momentum back up to where I was before this set back. 

Certainly, the message of "pursuing peace," took on new meaning this past week.  That is why I keep a copy of the scriptures in my car as well.  There is nothing like taping into the "peace," the Lord has for us and to appreciate the trials along the way in which the enemy will try to work through anyone to kill, steal and destroy, our peace as well.  After reading the study on "Pursuing Peace," from last sundays message, I can see that pursuing peace is an understatement.  It sounds good, but it does take work not to add to an arguement, yet stand firm in the Lord, because afterall, He is all that really matters, and He is in control.  So peace to all who read this and remember whatever you go through, remember who is always there holding our hand through the trials.  It is that joy as Christians that we feel through the perseverance, the benefits in continually maturing in Christ .  So until we are called heavenward....home to be with Him....... enjoy the adventure of the abundant life...getting there with His rewards here on earth, of living for Him now!  Keep the lost in prayer....and also remember that the buck stops here...the true cost or our eternal life!! Be at peace...!


May 12, 2008

Finally able to take a few moments to update what is going on for all who prayed, please continue...turns out I had more than the flu, taking an antibiotic and medicine that makes me sicker before I am better, long story except I have to take time off from work, so I am out of commission for almost 3 weeks!  Then I will be back to work, and appreciating the fact that I still have a job....God is faithful and now I am going to make this short to bring some happy news when this short season of trial is complete....Ok "consider it pure joy when we face all kinds of trials," .....Book of James....

May 7, 2008

Last Saturdays meeting "Spring Family Event," was completely unexpected, cancelled due to a lack of participation. Well, it turned into a time of encouragement from Pastor Darryl and wife, guest speaker as we were inspired to pray for what would be good for the community of Natomas as Pastor mentioned we are both Pioneers...I like that terminology.  We have so many titles we give to the efforts we do....5 fold ministry....etc. As long as we keep the main thing, the main thing, winning souls for Jesus and encouraging them in Kingdom living here on earth!!!!  What else can I say except...God is faithful. 

The past couple of weeks have been challenging and I do appreciate all of those who have prayed for me especially in the direction I should go.  I am just feeling better after a couple of Dr. recommended days off until they run some tests.  Feels like the flu, which looks like I was the last one in the office to get it! 

The next steps, getting my writings pubished, CD of songs completed, and other non profit efforts, I have decided to take a local Pastors advice to attend as well as sponcer a Crown Financial course on managing money from a Biblical perspective.  A lot on my plate, as well as full time employment but as we all know, "all things are possible with God."  If you are interest in any of these ministries, drop me an email, I would appreciate your input, and suggestions... of course includes the Team!!! 

The email address doesn't work from this website, but if you just send an email the usual way, I will have a tech. look at fixing that!!   Have a blessed day in the Lord! 

April 20, 2008

What a great service today at the Assemblies, this church I am visiting here in Natomas, is part of the "Dream Center," in Sacramento.  What a small world, I was at the Joyce Meyers ministers conference in 2002 when Joyce donated funds to Tommy Barnets son in LA California, at it's inception of the "Dream Center," in LA when it was just a dream.  That is how it starts, the Lord plants the dreams and desires in our hearts and then brings together, according to His will.  I had a recent discussion with a fellow minister about people being so concerned about what to pray for and always want to say if it is God's will!!  Lord has asked us to pray for what we want, and somehow I would say He is big enough to allow, according to His will.  We are to pray, in James 1:5-...ask what we want, nothing wavering!  In faith, we ask for what we want, the Lord brings it about!! But, we have not because we ask not!  About the message today....it was about our attitude, Phil 4:, Chuck Swindoll says that 10% is what happens in life the other 90% is how we react to itl  So words for thought, so dream your Holy Dreams and give it to Jesus, what will be will be!!

April 7, 2008

For the latest on what is going on in the community here in Sacramento, I scheduled our "A Night of Praise," fun and fellowhip with refreshments to follow, on May 3, Sat eve 7pm to 9 30 with special music by "Joy and Jeff for Jesus," and special speaker to be announced..RSVP let us know if you can attend.  The Lord has been encouraging me to finally put a worship CD together so please pray for Jeff and I as we put the first on together.  The message for this week is to keep Jesus in the front line, for Him to go ahead of us and not to drag Him along, to remember He is our Savior, not our Servant!  He is there for us to worship and take heed to His Word, to continue to become more like Him, to form a closer walk with Him.  Afterall, it is all about Him....in all we do, we will worship you Jesus!!!

Mar.31, 2008

Here is it 2am, just arrived to Clear Lake resort on company business to get signed contracts to a client in time for the end of the month.  I was blessed!  It seemed I was compelled to get out of town and on this Sunday, I was able to do just that, went to church in Sacramento, then off to a 5 1/2 hour drive to the Northern Coast.  What an awesome couple, we ended up buying each others art work, but that is not all.....a divine appointment, this was a visit that reminded me of how we Christians can be wounded by the world, or even each other.  We are not exempt from the spiritual battles that go on within the Body of Christ.  But there is the trial and challenge of our faith, as in James Chapter 1, we are reminded to consider it pure joy when going through trials because it teaches us perseverance and matures us and reminds us to look above, not lateral for the grace of God, His Mercy, His forgiveness, and most of all His Love! 

Mar. 21, 2008

Happy Resurection day!  Reading the mans book,how Godly men are suppose to think and act, their masculinity issues etc."Wild at Heart."  I decided that I want to understand what a Godly man is suppose to be so that one day I can be the Godly woman that is "Gods best match," for us.  This Sunday is family time and I am trilled to get a resort stay with my company benefit to see my children...lots of fun, food and family quality time to come!!!Blesssings to all.  Please pray for me about an issue of the heart...thanks...Love and blessings to you all.....

Mar 13, 2008

When you read this please keep those of us who are considering a trip to Israel in May.  This has been a busy time, working 3 weeks in a row and setting up our first meeting at the new meeting place here in Sacramento.  The "Word," I have been getting is to continue to pray for unity in the entire Body of Christ across the denominations so that the Lord may move in the hearts of all men for one purpose to bring souls to Jesus.  Too many are getting hung up on socials and activities that the big picture is not being addressed as it should.  The Gifts of the Spirit are being poured out all around the world in all denominations, we are a denomination, the Body of Christ!!!!  Blessings!!

Feb. 24, 2008

What a great message at church today about Apostle Pauls comment about doing what we dont want to do and not doing what we want to do. Rom 7..and equated it to the parts of the brain scientifically in conflict with each other.  That is why we need to hold every thought captive and obedient to the mind of Christ!

Singles Mission trip to Mexico, memorial day weekend, if you are interested let me know I think it will be fun teaming up with Bayside church and ministering.  Until later!! my email address? holykissministries@msn.com


Feb. 1, 2008

Tonight was amazing at the church singles group, what I didn't realize until I got there is that it was the younger singles.  They insisted I stay for the class on Boundaries in dating.  Funny, God has a sence of humor, I just read the book "Boundaries," by Dr. Henry Cloud.  It was a review, but one thing I think which was the underlying theme is to trust God to our relationships with others as we watch what He unfolds in our lives.  Honesty in relationships as to what is actually going on in relationships is what God expects of us and He will do what He Wills!  It sure takes the pressure off to know He has our best interest in mind and heart.  TRUST!!!

Feb. 6, 2008

This is and extraordinary day!  I am settled into my new place in Sacramento, CA.  This was truely a move of God.  Just when I thought everything was just fine, it was necessary to move in order to continue the Lords work here in California.  It happened on the 6th day of my fast which I am still on.  Today is day 8, hanging in to see what else the Lord is doing besides working on my physical health.  So if you are reading this note, please pray that I continue with the fast according to the Lords will, not just  how pink my tounge gets, which is how to determine if I am totally detoxed.  This is the Master Cleaser diet, otherwise known as the lemonade diet.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.  You can find it online under lemonade diet or Master Cleanse diet.  Once I get this furniture situation worked out, I will be beginning what the Lord has put on my heart to do.....details later.  Have a blessed day in the Lord and always....until later!

Jan. 27, 2008

What can be more exciting that to see people come together to meet after church to volunteer their time and talents to building a church building?  Well, guess we all know the answer to that one!  The message today was on the Love of God, one of my favorite subjects in the Kingdom of God.  The speaker said that we accept God's Love as little children, in trust and open to his will.  This love is the agape love that is unconditional, when we have that love inside us, deep within our heart, we can pour it out to others as He says, Love your neighbor as yourself.  When we are loved by God and accept Him and His Love, we can then pour out that Love for our neighbor!! Matt 22, 35-37.

 Jan. 20, 2008

Again in church today, I was reminded to focus on Jesus, that arguments about religion and not Biblical or productive in bringing souls to Jesus to save.  The emphasis was on 2 Tim 2:15, to "study," the "Word," and to keep the main thing the main thing.  As I have been reading the "Word this week, the message has been clearer about how we need to treat others, to Love others with Lords love, to continue to remember who we are and to "do" our part in the Kingdom of God as the Power of God is released here on earth.  Distractions are just that.  So focus, focus, focus, on why we are here, and who we need to be in Christ, that is our reasoning, our purpose for coming here, time well spent in the Lords work!!

Dec. 16, 2007

This year is almost coming to a close!  This was the year of excellence, completion, new beginnings etc!  As the Lord ushers in 2008, I believe.... Isa. 43:18, & 19 "Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland." NIV... This is a continuation of a theme to continue through 2008!  One thing about our God, is that even though He is the same yesterday, today and always, He continues to renew us, change us, if we are willing, and keeps us growing as we tap into His Kingdom!!!  "On earth as it is in Heaven!" So let's continue to step into His Power through the Power of the Holy Spirit.  This is the year of Grace and Favor!!!!

Dec. 2, 2007

Just attended a class on altar prayer policies at the "Vineyard in Sacramento," to make sure everyone was understanding the church covering, or the way to pray for others.  This was one of the most encouraging meetings that is similar to the Anaheim Vineyard I attended before moving here.  Still waiting on the Lord for what He has in mind for His next move through me.  

For the past couple of years I have been working on being receptive to who the Lord will bring to me with regard to a mate.  Still waiting on the Lord.  Guess I am learning patience in a territory that has been unfamiliar to me for years.  As the Bride of Christ, there was a promise spoken over me that He would bring him to me, so trusting in the Lord reminds me of the song "Jesus, Jesus, how I trust you,...and   "Oh....... for grace to trust Him more."   I guess, when he is ready, he will be ready......

Nov. 26, 2007

Just finished "Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud, couldn't put the book down.  I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be in any relationship, starting with the Lord.  Just setting up ministry here in Sacramento headquarters, and checking on health gym memberships and affilliates for all who are interested in this ministry.  More later, time to get to work.  Blessings and God's love to all !!

Nov. 17, 2007

Well, this is surely a day to rejoice!! My youngest daughter is getting married July 12, 2008.  I felt something was coming up when I bought a wedding dress for about 1/5 the cost that I had no clue who would wear it.  Then after prayer, my daughter came up and I thought hmmmm..maybe, and sure enough today she calls to tell me she is going to look at it and not to be offended if she doesn't use it.  So far, I am still only "the Bride of Christ," and he is the most faithful so he has my whole heart right now.  OK, well maybe someone else has a part, but that is a secret, hopefully someday to be revealed in the Lords timing....

Nov.10, 2007

Thank you for those of you who are covering this ministry with prayer.  This is a new season, "God is doing a new thing."  Mark 11:24.... This has been the theme of ministries over the globe from Morris Cerrillo, Women's Aglow, etc.  As for the "Word," of God..His word and work is for all seasons to everyone, not boxed in by a particular ministry or religion.  The challenge again, is to see the truth in our individual lives and to be able to take that truth, set it deep in our hearts and apply it to our daily lives, to be that light in a dark place which is the "world."  Excuse the expression, "this world sucks."  But that is an expression I have heard from another minister of the Gospel, trying to make sence of it all.  There is no sence in it all except Jesus.  Our purpose here is only for a short time to make a difference in this world as Christians and to bring as many into the light of Christ as we possibly can and allow the Lord to do the rest after we have done our best!  Seek first the Kingdom and all else will follow is His Way.....So whatever you struggle with, bring it to the Cross, allow the Lord to lift the burden...He said "my yoke is easy and my burden is light."  Lighten up, what a God we serve!  God is faithfull, be faithfull to Him, Obey Him, Love him, Respect His Word.  He doesn't change, sometimes it is just us, so we need to change to conform to His light, not the reverse.

Nov. 8, 2007

Friends and family, please forgive me for not returning emails, etc.  I am still getting settled in Sacramento and trying to find libraries since I donated my computer when I left the Islands and have not replaced it.  Long story short, I am not able to return emails from work on my breaks like I use to....more later.   Love and God's blessings and thank you for your prayers, as always mine are with you....

Oct. 26, 2007

Well, the Big Island trip was so fast only 4 days 3 nights.  After 2 years away from the Hawaiian Islands, it was wonderful to be able to touch base with ministers Trish LuPiba, Kalani Hamm and my good friends and almost a 2nd home, with Pastors Jeremiah and Kittly Hoaeae of South Kona Assembly of God.   It was a blessing to have my friend Jeff help with my luggage and driving me all over, since I had a back injury from a recent accident.  Even the little things were difficult.  But all is well alas.  Please pray that the next 3 to 6 month treatments for the injury go well.  After being rear ended by a car at a stoplight in June, it was time to turn in the Liberty Jeep for a Dodge Durango so there is a little more armor to protect me.  Anyway, speaking of armor, we need to keep on the "Full armor of God," daily in order to fight the spiritual battle, the unseen forces at hand.  Eph 6.  More later as we approach the holiday season.  There is so much to be grateful for;- God is faithful.

Oct. 5, 2007

Aloha!  I feel like I just came home....ok, my 2nd home.....We arrived in Kona at about 3pm instead of 11am through much of an adventure before we even got here.  There was an electrical problem  on the aircraft so it was a new plane change.

Since my tent making job in real estate/timeshares has been pretty intense, so it is break time.  Only 4 days but worth it. 

A Call to Holiness is the theme the Lord has been giving to me since the trip was planned here.  True Holiness is God's pure love manifested through our behavior toward our fellowman.  Unity in the Body of Christ takes on a deeper meaning when put into practice. As we allow God to tear down religious barries that man has been snared by, we can see clearly that we truely are One Body in Christ.  

Recently a minister touched on the differences of "the Keys to the Kingdom vs. the Keys of the Kingdom."  For example, if you drive a vehicle, you have the keys to the car.  You get in it and turn the key, it starts and that is it.  Well maybe that is it for most of us in reference to a car.  However to be a mechanic, you need to understand how it works.  You then know of the car.  

Likewise, if you understand, respect and know of the Kingdom then these keys will manifest in our life through the fruit of the spirit and the gifts by our example.  1 Corinth 12. The point is that in order to have the Keys to the Kingdom, we need to know and understand the basics and more of who Jesus is.  First, he is God in the flesh, not born of man but the virgin birth of Mary as foretold in scripture before His coming.  Second, to receive the Holy Spirit, the manifested presence of God.  And last, to be an example to a lost and broken world, as well as our Christian brothers and sisters.  Refer to "Salvation and other Topics," on this website. 

Sept. 15, 2007

So much happening with the move to Sacramento, my home town which is only 2 hours from 3 of my 4 children.  Will be in the Big Island on Oct 5 thru 8 checking in on an investment there.  Also, will be ministering in music with worship leader Jeff Metherell in Kona.  Aloha all and keep us covered in prayer.  The message "A Call to Holiness," is the message the Lord has given me lately.  So on to Hawaii, as the Lord leads....thank you for your prayers!!Blessings,

Aug 31, 2007

Happy birthday to my daughter Liz.  Time goes by so fast, and with so much happening, I will post a quick note.  Just moved to Sacramento, my home town.  The Lord led me here after 30 years, things have changed.  It feels like I am home.  I took a job transfer to be here since 3 of my 4 children are closer now that 10 hours away.  It is so good to see them more often for a change.  Guess I will see what He has in store for me on this new venture.

Aug 5, 2007

Wonderful church service, afterward I helped with compassionate services and sang with the praise and worship.  Nov back tonight for another amazing night of praise and worship.  Remember to be the Christian without having to say who we are, but by example, let our light shine in a dark place that the Lord may be a wittness through us.  He came to save that which was lost.  Let it be our passion!!! 


July 8, 2007

It has been a while since I have written, so I will start with what the Lord is doing presently. I will be speaking on July 28, in Yorba Linda. I was asked to minister at a monthly meeting called a 'Glory meeting' that happens once a month. The message has been unclear that I will be delivering however the Lord is giving me plenty of material lately. The place I moved to is about 1 mile away from the other place, which is truely a move of God with a sister in the Lord that lost her husband who went home to be with the Lord in Dec. I can remember when my mom went through this same life experience. One of our ministers graduated from the 1 year anniversary with a new job and doing well in Alaska with family after her husband was went home to be with the Lord.

Today I had a discussion with a man who knew a lot about Christian history and I sence a calling to "teach." It is one thing to know and another to do. The service at church was on John 17 about being in the world, but not of the world. We are like aliens to the world but need to be involved in the world in order to be able to affect change. Bringing souls to Jesus is what we do as disciples of Chirst. Our delivery should have something to do with who we are and to remember we are "different." We need to remember what the disciples went through and to keep in mind that Jesus did not ask the father to take us out of the dark world, but to protect us from it as we go through what we go through to be who we are and to do our part in the "Great Commision."

June 11, 2007

What an awesome day in the Lord this has been. Today I completed a course on "Altar Team Ministry," what I like about this particular church is the encouragement for believers to use their gifts. This class is offered 3 times a year. Since I am still new here I am using this course to send these seeds to the other ministers and this particular church encourages materials to be sent out and even offers to come to the church and train ministers on the Altar ministry. What an amazing course and what an amazing group of the Body of Christ believers. This is the closest church that lines up with what I believe the Lord intended as far as how His church should operate. There are so many wonderful churches and ministries in the Southern California region. So for now, I am personally working on my writings at this time and ministering where the Lord is leading.

May 27, 2007

The Lord has led me into an exciting adventure with the inspiration from the book 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life by Dr. Henry Cloud. Meanwhile, the fellowship at the 30 year celebration at the Vineyard church as well as the "Altar Ministry training," course were fullfilling and worthwhile today. The Lord has led me into a 90 day plan. It is one thing to do a day-to-day or month-to-month or 5 year plan, but this is a special time which I pray will bear fruit in the future as well as presently. Each season in the Lord is an adventure. This time of resting regrouping and organization is necessary. Eph 3,"a time for everything under heaven," as I listen to Solomons wisdom in his chosen words received from God, I appreciate the Lords divine order and reverence His timing.

May 2, 2007

The "Deliverance," meeting on April 30, went extremely well, got through all the prayer requests, even had some breakthroughs. The prayer covering of the team was felt through the miles. Pastor from the Vineyard church prayed a blessing over me for the Lords work Sunday night so I was certain that His blessing had it's impact ont eh evening. Still waiting on the Lord to see what else He will do when He has His hand in our lives. It is exciting to see that the Lord uses the very resources we have for His glory. Next event to be announced. The "word," I got tonight was accountablility in our lives. Since the Lord blessed me with the vacation ownership work in addition to ministry, I have found that they go well together. It is so improtant for people to just get away and evaluate their lives and forge closer family ties. Tonight I was able to go home early for doing my quota at work, and it turned out to be a divine appointment, details later as the Lord leads.

April 24, 2007

Last Sunday during a fast, I wrote to the team and other friends and ministry partners about 2007, as "New Beginning," and "Gods Unfailing Love." If we have not love then we are but a resounding gong....! Corinthians 12 Sunday morning was my first of a series of 7 orientation training sessions on ministering at the altar after services, something I have enjoyed for years at the pulpit, or after the pulpit, or one -on -one. So it is interesting to see how the Vineyard Non denominal church does it. So far I have seen the value and confirmation of years ministry in action. But, you know what, it doesn't really matter how long I have been at it. It is all about helping fellow Christians and non Christians feel the love of God and His very presence in this life we live for a little while on earth until eternity...

So back to new beginnings, and Gods unfailing love....that was one of the words that was spoken over me at the commisioning later on Sunday at the orientation, and what a confirmation. Every day is a new day in Jesus. We all have our challenges, and having said that, it is the peace we have to walk through them that sets us apart. Our hope is in Jesus as He is right there in us whether we feel it or not. Proverbs 3:3....trust in the Lord in all or ways and lean not on our own understanding He will direct our paths...Pastor Pat Barira one of our ministers reminided me of that today, it was a "word," much needed.

April 30, is our day of prayer for DELIVERANCE so be sure to write your requests so our team can pray over them and send them to the email address on our home page, or mail request, Gods love and blessings....


April 7, 2007 The Good Friday service was awesome last night as Benny Hinn helped usher in the annointing of the Holy Spirit for the healing and Salvation of souls for the harvest. The encouragement came when he announced the Israel trip and special for Pastors. The victory of the cross was so evident when the annointing of the Lord fell in a powerful way over the auditorium at the Honda Conference Center in Anaheim. I am blessed to live only 10 minutes from this place since people came from all over. It was amazing to watch Paul Crouch of TBN pass on the mantle to his 1st born son to continue the work of TBN ministry and to see the scriptures come alive to parallel from where Joshua was sent when Moses layed hands on him and released Joshua to continue to lead the people into the promise land. That was a highlight of the evening when the service was almost over, but alas, just when you think the Lords work is finished, He pours out His Spirit in a more powerful way for His divine purpose....It has been a blessed Holy weekend and a "new song," is in our hearts as we worship the King of Kings. Enjoy your time with the Lord, as He beckons to call you nearer.

April 4, 2007

It is a new day and a "new song," is what the message was at church Sunday. I made the decision to change churches, because of a basic theological disagreement in regard to women in ministry. There seems to be so much controversy over our role in ministry. Jesus defines our roles in ministry by the Holy Spirit. Guess that has something to do with why there are so many denominations out there. It is good to be back at a church that moves in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, where a congregation can lift their hands in worship, to be free in the Holy Spirit. This Sunday, I look forward to spending time with the Lord and fellowship with other believers, we are so blessed to live in the United States where we have that freedom. This Resurrection day I will be especially gradful and humbled for what Jesus did for us when He died, it bought our freedom when He came alive after 3 days, to defeat sin and death and for our eternal life. Listening to the Old Testament on CD on the way home from my trip was so exciting and I am looking forward to those times when I get into my car to hear His Word on the commute. It is wonderful the way the Lord makes ways for us to hear His Word. Happy Resurection Day and may you all be blessed for the purpose of the Cross.

Mar. 21, 2007

Just returned home from picking up my car, only instead of my daughter going with me, she changed her mind. I drove home alone, via one of our resorts as well as visiting with a childhood friend of years in Sacramento, the town I grew up in. This was not a trip alone, have cell phone, will travel......I enjoyed my friends keeping me company over the wireless, as well as my time alone with the Lord. I listened to the Bible on CD to Joshua, what a difference hearing the "Word," instead of reading. It was so lively and continued after my eyes would have been tired, not to mention, paying attention to the road. The Lord was with me in what I call "kisses from Heaven..." those are the little things I am more aware of that He does with a closer walk with Him, as compared to before we had a relationship. Speaking of relationships....waiting on the Lord for a mate is the right thing to do, in His timing, and through a relationship. I guess the hardest thing for me has been to guard my heart, and not say everything that is on my mind. Those of you who are single may relate to this. Even if someone asked me to marry him, I would still have to pray about it, which is the opposite of my inclination from the past which would be to ask him, or say "yes," right away. There is no rush, the Lords timing is the timing, and God has to speak to the man first and he then has to speak to me, and then I need to ask the Lord permission. OK enough said....., things are different with my walk with the Lord....It is so good to be home, more later...be blessed and remember, put His Kingdom first and all things will be added unto you.......

Feb. 22, 2007

Last Sunday, my son Greg and wife Kacie went to church with me and had bargaque afterwards. Son Greg mentioned there are 16 missionaries, almost 10 percent of the church. The Pastor has a heart for missions, a previous minssionary himself. Discipleship class is going well only I am somewhat challenged to keep up with all the reading. Work is busy busy. I look forward to the Crown ministries Biblical finace class this Sunday. Not much to say, except if you are reading this, have a blessed day, and keep us in prayer...until later......

Feb 9, 2007

This has been a busy week, catching up on finances from all the moves, ordering a car, breaking records at work in sales, and preparing to visit mom and sister while driving back from Idaho with a wholesale vehicle. I guess the 4 months in Idaho had more blessing than I realized while I looked after mom. In that 4 month time I got acquainted with a dealership enough to be able to get a new car for the price of a used one. Daughter Liz and I are driving it back so I can't wait to spend some quality time with her. The annual newsletter is coming out soon that I usually have ready during the holidays but this one will be a little later. The "word I got," was about the Love of God according to scripture. His unconditional, unfailing love that we need to have for one another. The world is too easily dismissing others when God wants us to love others regardless of what happens. Love and forgiveness can be difficult especially when we think we have a right to not forgive. Jesus died on the cross when He knew of our human imperfections. He opted to be obedient to His calling for our Salvation. He loved us first and taught us how to love others, even our enemies. My son reminded me the other day that the Apostle Paul would take time out to work as a tent maker to finish his ministry call without having to depend on his flock for wages, even though he was entitled to. I can relate to this since we all have different callings. I enjoy business and the Lord has always pulled me through with the gifts He has given me to use in both business and ministry. I am truely blessed. Blessings to all, until later.....

Jan 28, 2007

This evening was the 2nd week of DTS at Calvary Chapel. I have been listening to them on the radio for the past 9 years, and here I am. Crown ministries has an excellent class on Biblical finances so not only am I getting blessed at work, but I am learning what to do with it from a Biblical perspective. Looks like some other service will be in order to help them out, in the works will keep you posted.

Jan 6, 2007

My life and family and ministry will never be the same after the 36 annual Evangelist conference that ended today with Morris Cerillo laying hands on me for ordination in the Elijah annointing of passing the mantle. I have his 60 year ministry on the Elijah mantle that will be passed on for the equiping of the saints. We are to be prepared for what is coming. The conference began tues. Jan 2, 2007 the year of completion, of all prophecies coming true this year in 2007, the year of completion. Benny Hinn passed on his mantle to us on Friday night in a minister training session. It was the quickest 5 hours I have ever well spent. I have been on a fast since Dec. 26, 2006 and will continue through the Jan 19-Feb.8,2007 Daniel fast and encourage all to do the same for the 3 - 7"s or weeks of significance. Week one for financial breakthrough, week two for complete health, ( He has already healed my dust allergy and athsma), and week three for the fullfillment of my family. "Passing on the mantle,"by Morris Cerillo is a great place to begin reading if you are interested in taking on the challenge. 2007 will be the best year! We will be doing our Bible study on Revelations to start the new year and continue in the ministry training and passing on this mantle to continue the work for the Harvest, God's love and blessing to you.

Dec 24, 2006 Christmas eve

What a wonderful evening of family entertainment and food to celebrate what Jesus did for us. Son Greg and new wife Kacie and I spent the evening together with me (view the family photo page at the bottom of the page). We enjoyed Christmas dinner, a game of scrabble, and yes the next generation won, son Greg won. We enjoyed a Christmas eve service at "Friends church, a former Quaker church, very modernized with praise and worship much like any contemporary service only this time with and amazing praise dance and movie about what it is all about to believe. My article is coming soon about "What is the church? more later merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!

Nov 25, 2006

The holidays are off to a good start. I was missing the children 10 hours from here as my son who lives nearby did what he usually does and left to his dads in Northern California where the other 3 children are. Oh by the way, the previous was not what I meant to off to a good start. I miss my children but Christmas is more likely when I will pay them a visit as I will be working for some of the holiday even thought the office is closed to the other employees. I am catching up on finances before the end of the year and want to start the new year with things more in order here. Oh yea, I left the best for last. I did find a place to live, thank you for your prayers. I have cut my commute in more than 1/2 the time. I got to cook Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, something I haven't had the opportunity to do in a long time and got to enjoy and be appreaciated by my new roommates. I must make mention though, one of the highlights was helping Stephanie, Pauls daughter learn how to make the fudge from our families recipe and I got to enjoy the fruit of her labor. Then watching a video with a special friend was a nice way to end the day. So, I have a lot to be thankful for as I am blessed for more than I can say.

Nov 8, 2006

What an amazing day. Got off work early to go to a church service to see Dr. James Morroco from Maui, my pastor from 1999. His son Josh put his CD together so I had to get a copy. Josh went to school at the Christian academy there where daughter Liz and son Scot went to. Small world.

Saturday I will be searching for a place close to work somehow 1 1/2 hour commutes don't agree in the long haul even if it is Corporate! So since I love my job and company I work for that is what will happen sooner than later. I will keep you all posted, have a great turkey day, love and blessings to all.

Nov. 2, 2006 Praise Report!

This has been an eventful week. Many prayers have been answered. Thank you for those who have interceeded for me and this ministry. Tonight I finished the second day at a new sight, a promotion with the company I currently work for in travel. All those who know me know that the travel industry has been a passion for me with the evangelism that the Lord has blessed me with along with ministering in the 5 fold ministry.

The bonus is that I actually will get to see what Saturdays off are like after 7 years of working Saturdays in this travel industry, called vacation ownership. I was ready for a change when my boss showed me favor and offered me an awesome opportunity in a different department in Irvine,CA. Even the commute is a blessing since I get to hear some of the best Christian radio stations on my 35 min. drive to and from work, Pastor Chuck Smith and others from Calvary Chapel etc. I am amazed that I am so close to these places now after almost 8 years of listening to these ministries, all over the nation in the travels. I have been blessed with experiencing God's Love and Grace in a whole new meaning than I would have ever thought possible with this ministry.


October 30, 2006

What an amazing day as you can tell by the family photo page with the recent wedding of son Greg, the wedding poolside afterward the reception following in the tennis courts below. What a perfect day...Now the happy couple are off to Cancun for their honeymoon. One down and 3 to go in the marriage department. I am one proud mama! Now it will be back to work tomorrow after a minor ear surgery and move into a new place, an upgrade for now. The Lord is faithful, as I was able to spend time with "Him," at our Indio Resort near Palm Springs. What a nice retreat after all of the fuss. We had a wonderful dinner at the "Firefly'" restaurant, family and new family alike while, son and new daughter in law Kacie spent a night at the Ritz before their departure to Cancun for their honeymoon. On Sunday I was able to attend a church service in Indio featuring an Irish Christian band called Blair. What a joyous occasion to hear "Be Thou My Vision," live and with such passion for the Lord....More later..

Oct. 22, 2006

Had an awesome time in the Lord at the Faith Community church. Son Greg is getting married Sat. and looks like the family will be enjoying the reunion, I know I will more later......

As far as ministry, not sure what the Lord is doing. I was invited to Hawaii this Christmas since I am off work anyway, but I am not sure yet if that is what I am suppose to be doing. I have wanted to stay planted in one place so I really need to search the heart beat of God. Being in California has it's share of challenges, where to live, who the Lord is bringing into my life to minister to or to be in a relationship with my future mate. Hummm...All those questions a single person like me might have. Ministering where ever I am is the given for the moment. We are all ministers if we follow Jesus and are a witness for Him. What a work He did in my life. I am still a work in progress and have come a long way, but it isn't over until we leave this planet. There was an awesome service on LOVE, God's love. If we do anything without His love it is all meaningless, a chasing after the wind....Yes I have been reading Ecles. Solomons wisdom is so after the fact. So what is the most important thing we can do but to love our neighbor as ourselves. Love conquers all!! Forgiveness is so important even when we don't want to forgive. However, knowing that God will forgive us if we forgive others is scriptural and beneficial in our walk with Him...Love to all in Jesus...from an ordinary person, who loves to be used for His extra ordinary purpose....

Oct. 06, 2006

Finally, a great church home alas! I had been searching for a place and I stumbled across this amazing non-denominational church. Last Sunday a new friend Mike and I decided to try a church to put God in our relationship. What a blessing. I began to date a nice born again Christian Jewish man. God has a sence of humor, since I was almost ready to go to Israel on a mission trip last year, but the Lord sent me here instead, home....and then He sent me one of His Chosen, I am honoured and blessed. I found that this experience at this church was awesome, we got a "word," which spoke volumes to us from one of the ministers, and going to the altar to ask for "Gods," will in this relationship was a step of faith and we wouldn't want it any other way. Looks like we will take it slow as the Lord leads. That is probably going to be the "patience," fruit of the spirit I needed work on. God is faithful, His love endures forever.

Sept. 18, 2006

Today is daughter Kelly's 28th birthday, wow time has gone by fast...She is a successful Physical Therapist in Northern California and of course wish I could take credit for it...she worked hard for it, God bless her....Work is picking up after an awesome refresher training in Southern Ca with a fun visit to one of our resorts in Indio. Son Greg's wedding plans are Oct. 28. We are still amazed how I ended up here. However, the manager I had in Hawaii, is my manager here with a different company. It wasn't hard to take an on the spot hire with an excellent ethical boss. Have been church hopping lately to see where I am most needed, difficult at times, but necessary. I have always said moving priorities are to find a church home and a health spa. Remember, our bodies are the temple of the living God so we need to house that Spirit of God in a healthy body. Blessings in the Lord to all and good health, physically and spiritually as well....!!

Sept 2, 2006

So here I am in Southern California, next week I go to a refresher training again with this company. Seems this is the best company to help improve skills. Not much to report lately on ministering except that I am working on the living portion of my life. I love the office I am in, it is the best ever in my career as far as business goes....Still waiting on the Lord for my next move with Him, hopefully staying in the same place, starting to get tired of moving. Bloom where we are planted comes to mind.. I was reading in the book of Ruth last evening about how after her husband died she made an obedient choice to stay with the mother in law,, "Your people will be my people and your God will be my God. She was so blessed out of obedience that she became the grandmother of the direct lineage of David as prophesied.,where Jesus birth was through. Things don't always seem to be at our advantage, however, obedience has it's blessings to reap if we faint not!!!

Aug. 18, 2006

It amazes me how changes can be so quick, however the resort where I was promoted to didn't have the office together enough with tours when I arrived so after a vacation, I found that after visiting my son in Pasadena, that there is this resort that is established with a manager I use to work with in Hawaii with the same company so I was able to do a transfer and I started work yesterday, so San Dimas is where I work now, 14 miles from my son Greg. There is a lot of peace even though it was quick and I started out well. God is faithfull. Glad it is just me moving or I doubt that the transition would have been so smooth.

Aug. 10, 2006

This has been a wonderful vacation week of refreshing with no particular agenda..I spent time with my son and daughter mostly at a much needed time looking back. Daughter Liz's fiance' brother just died last week so I was able to be a taxi mom and just be there without any particular advice. Life is but a fleeting moment in time, nothing compared to eternity and what is ahead. Time to prepare for the rest of the time on this planet. The lake is beautiful here and I am blessed to be able to start work this afternoon after a great relaxing time with friends and family. Just watched Joyce Meyer last night about how we need to be a peace and mind our own business. Not bad advice in Thes. Time to go more later and be blessed in the abundant blessings and hope in Jesus!!

July 31, 2006

Today is my last day in the Windsor location, I accepted a promotion in the Clear Lake office. Before I go I was asked to give the Monday meeting so I accepted. My meeting is on the Gal 5:22. Yes, a place of business, but alass! This is a presentation on the Dynamics of Character for Success....the nine key points being the fruit of the Spirit, love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfullness, gentleness, and self-controll. I am handing out a book to each called "Jesus in America," surprising enough, it is an historical account of the most influential man in the history of America, Jesus. A book written for believer and non believer alike. It was a surprise to me since I had 2 days to prepare, when Barnes and Noble has an amazing discount on these books and after prayer, this is what I found. It is a safe zone since all but one for sure are Christians but I wanted to leave this office with fruit to continue. Our very character as Christians depends on it. I don't claim to be perfect in every area, as some can relate, but the continual stiving for perfection in ourselves speaks volumnes to others about who we are in Christ. So the Lord leads in a new direction, and what a peace when He leads. Blessings.....

July 5, 2006

Time marches on and son Greg gets engaged, the first of 4 to tie the knot! Ministry conference coming up in Sept more details later. Hope this updates, for some reason the last two entries didn't. More later...

May 18, 2006

Has it really been almost two months since the update? I donated my desk top computer and getting settled after a 9 month Ministry sababtical has placed my lap top purchase to closer to the bottom of the list of priorities. It is so good to be home in California after nearly 10 years of travel with business and ministry. My current tent making job has been timeshares/real estate. God is faithful, I moved here out of obedience and I was able to pick up a car for a reasonable cost, and no car payments... With 4 well adjusted grown children, I am blessed to be home to spend quality time with them before the next generation arrives....you guessed it, no grandchildren yet. They are independant adults, not yet married, but out of 4 children, I'd say it is just a matter of time. Enough about personal life. Ministry is California has turned more into a time of organization and direction "The Redeemed of the Lord," will go. We have 16 ministers including myself, a "team of eagles," all independant minstries blossoming and maturing in the direction as the Lord leads them. Donna Barira just graduated with her Masters in Science in Pastoral Theology, from Chaminade University..Oahu, Hawaii.

Mar. 30, 2006

What a beautiful day in Glendale southern California...Just took the CA Real Estate Exam, a requirement at work. It is in the town near where my oldest son Greg lives. I met with a friend in the same town. We just never know what God has in store for us. I listened to a mans testimony last night of how Father God made himself real to him. One thing for certain, when a man gives his heart to the Lord, God begins to do a work in it and the work is never really done until we are with Him in heaven. When we can admit our faults to one another and turn from sin, we have a fighting chance to experience all that God has for us, as well the obvious, Salvation, eternal life in heaven, not in hell. We all have a choice to know about Jesus, but to know him is not enough, to have Him in our heart, to give our heart to His care,to put Him on the throne of our life instead of self, this is what makes the difference. This is the beginning of filling that empty space that phillosphy of man tries to fill Even the demons in hell know who Jesus is and all about Him. But, when we accept Jesus into our heart, even if we don't feel that anything has changed, it is the committment we make where Jesus shows hisself faithful over and over again. Our stubborness can keep us out of heaven by denying that there is a heaven. Because of the philosophies that make people feel good, the stubborn man can say there is no heaven or hell. By lawlessness, according to scripture, the Word of God is missing and man becomes mislead.. It is not for us to figure out. His ways are not ours, if they were, we would be able to figure and analize it all on our own. By reading God's Word, we find out that the Word is alive and that is when God is faithful to reveal Himself to us and we can grow spiritually. It is never too late, and rewards are eternal. So where would you rather spend eternity we do have a choice. So instead of minding our own business, we get our mind out of our business and set our mind and heart on God's business through His son Jesus That is getting self off the throne, or man made stuff. Jesus wants to bridge the gap that keeps us from the full experience and relationship with Him and healing that Jesus, the Blood of Jesus was shed for so we don't have to feel the quilt we deserve, nor do we have to carry it around, because we truely are forgiven and it is no more a part of us when we are, to use the very words in scripture, washed in the blood of Jesus for the remission of sins. So, get those sins back into remission, away from us and live the more abundant life. Do it now, we only have who knows how long on this earth to not only continue in the Lord, but in order to finish the race...we must begin it! My heart breaks, when Jesus heart breaks to see the lost, especially when the lost are decieved by the lie that they are found, for mans phillosphies are many, but Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me." It is written....Ask Jesus into your heart today, or rededicate your life by asking Him, what now Lord, where do we go from here! He will answer and I will see you there in Heaven. Matt 18:11 "He came to save that which was lost."

Mar. 8, 2006

I am leaving for California to accept a position in my profession near where my children live. This is a shift, usually I work and minister and travel a lot, but I now believe the Lord has me in one place back where I am from in California, to look forward my grown family, the next generation and to stablize in one place. It has been 10 years away except the brief time on a job in San Francisco to bring my son near family. Now it is my turn, and hopefully, God willing I will enjoy the benefits of not only being a mother, but someday to enjoy the grandchildren in the near future...

Feb. 21, 2006

God is full of wonderful surprises. After going to a conference on the Big Island I will be headed for Oahu to finish business and off to California for my next assignment. More to come.

Jan. 27, 2006

The verdict is in...I am officially selling Real Estate here in Hawaii, enjoying the sun almost as much as the snow, just kidding... It is good to get back into the workouts at the gym, reacquainting with old friends and enjoying the Hawaii experience again on a different island in Oahu, Hawaii. I am blessed and looking at ministry opportunities as well, we just never know where the Lord will lead..

Jan. 11, 2006

Thank you for all of your prayers and I did get an answer, I will be boarding the jet to Oahu on Wed. to visit with friends and check on options on Oahu. It has been a long winter and now that I am use to 20 degree weather and warm in 40 degree weather, it is time to get use to Hawaii weather again, but I am not complaining. Somewhere between playing scrabble with my mom, T.V., some ministering, it has been a productive time with family, working on websites with sister in law and brother has kept me busy with a part time job which is slowing down due to the season. I am so thankful that I got to spend some quality time with mom and that she has decided to move in with my sister so she won't be alone anymore. That does my heart good. Anyway, I will report more later as soon as I have something to report. This past year was met with many trials, but I keep thinking about James in the Bible about how this is for perfecting the saints so, let it be, don't know if I can get any more perfect after this, just kidding!!!

Dec. 9, 2005

Sorry it has taken me so long to update this site. I have been busy with the holiday season bliss and catching up on a relationship with my mother while I am here for this season. Please pray for the next move, I am getting offers and I want to make sure of this one. So comments are welcomed and appreciated. Will have more later.

Nov. 8, 2005

The snow here is amazing. It is as if God has symbolically covered the earth with His grace removing sin from the earth all over again.

This week I will be working on an article for the local newspaper that I have been asked to write. We just had a meeting last Sunday about using the talents God has given us for His Glory. And here I am working at a local newpaper. God has again shown Himself faithfull in the answer to what am I doing here for your Glory!! My other writing will be published soon as the Lord leads.

Nov. 1, 2005

There are some new changes in the ministries at "The Redeemed...Pastors Paul and Pat Barira are headed to Alaska to be closer to family and participate in a new bible school to educate the natives to educate their own.

Our community in the Silver Valley has stepped into an exciting time. Last sunday eve. my mom and I attended a meeting at the Assemblies in a town close by which was a meeting of all denominations. The challenge was to begin morning prayer meetings at a different church each morning in order to pray in revival in our community. Chron 14:7 "If my people who are called by my name.....was the theme. I still hope to make it to the Tennessee International Women's AGlow meeting this month, God willing.

It amazes me that for the price of $300,000.00 an entire block in Kellogg, ID can be purchased. It won't be that way forever. You can't even buy a house for that price in Hawaii anymore.

Oct. 17, 2005

I began an excellent job in sales today for what I call my "tent making," job. The Apostle Paul made tents to support his ministry so I guess that is what you can call what I am doing.

My mother is doing better and glad that I am spending time with her to hopefully get her through the holidays with my father not here for the first Christmas since he graduated to eternal life in Jesus in March.

YWAM left me with some friends to keep in contact with and most recently, my other roommate asked me for a reference to do an outreach for Katrina relief with another ministry I recommended much larger than YWAM.

I am ministering where needed while I am here and happy to report that the change of weather effects I felt are gone and I am looking forward to the World Conference for Women's AGlow in Tennessee with feature speakers such as Rick Joyner and Don Finto in November. Please pray that the Lord will have His way at the world conference and for protection for our ministers that will be in attendance there. We only have snow on the mountain tops, but the weather is in the 60's today, not bad.

Oct 3, 2005

Our first snow over the 4th of July pass hit last night. Hardly any snow last year and now it is early this year, ouch...I have been helping mom get things ready for winter since dad is no longer here to help mom out. They were married 62 1/2 years before dad passed on. I am sure that the Lord is in this or I would be led somewhere else.

Last Sunday I attended a local church that started their Alpha series. It is 15 lessons so mom and I went to check it out. I thought of starting some type of Small Groups Iternationally, I will keep you posted.

I am still seeking Jesus as to what direction to go with the "Redeemed of the Lord." YWAM was good missions training but it isn't my ministry. I wanted the Missions training, but it is more of a Youth oriented type mission field. I didn't like the idea of what felt like an invasion of privacy at every turn. What I mean by that is that they charge about nine thousand dollars and put people in studio type settings with 3 to 6 complete strangers from different parts of the world. One of my roommates was into witchcraft and I am surprised to see no one seemed to be bothered by it, even when it was brought to the Leadership. I am into a different type of mission field assignment. We had a 5 day mission trip as a practice run with YWAM which we made the most of, but again they put men and women in the same livingroom to sleep. That isn't the way I would want to spend for 2 months in a row for an outreach so I didn't go on that part. Again, it isn't for everyone. I am certain other organizations are not run the same way. My mission field has always been the U.S. so we will probably take a team to help with Katrina. In a year, a few of us will be going International on an outreach, but I will keep you posted as the Lord leads.