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Pictures of our group "The Redeemed of the Lord" now on the photos section...

Dec. 1, 2007, Sacramento based ministry, PINE ARTS, and more to come....to be announced... 

April 22, 2007, On April 30, 2007, we will have a deliverance prayer meeting of intercession in Anaheim, CA, by invitaion only.  However all requests should be emailed via holykissministries@msn.com  be sure to write "prayer request," in the subject line so we can gather them easily as this email gets crowded.  Deadline for requests will be on sunday April 29th.

 April 7, 2007  New Bible study group coming soon, plans for Israel outreach in 2007

Dec. 28, 2006, In order to refresh and renew and be an encouragement to the team, the Morris Curiilo conference in Anaheim with guest speaker Benny Hinn is coming up next week.

Oct. 13, 2006  Minister/leader as led by the Lord, Joy, is in Southern California enjoying the upcoming wedding of her first born Greg on Oct. 28, 2006.  In addition, working at the tent job, otherwise known as vacation ownership.  In addition, networking with ministers of the Redeemed of the Lord ministry, to encourage their work in the Lord. Benefits are immeasureable, since our "Team of Eagles," have been ministering in some awesome avenues as the Lord leads which encourages my spirit as well.  Time to turn the page and refresh and renew for what is coming up in the future....to be announced...

June 30,2005, Evangelist/Pastor Joy is currently on Sabatical learning about Missions and going on Outreach in Sept. somewhere in the world to take the "Word of God" into another nation to be announced, to learn and experience a different way to reach the lost through Missions.  Matt 18:11"He came to same that which was lost."

May 27, 2005 "A Concert of Praise 2005," our 2nd annual event charities to go to the skateboard park in Waikoloa for the youth.

Sept. 21, 2004  On Tues. Guest Associate Pastor of Kona Kalani Hamm, also Representative of Women's AGlow for the Big Island will be at our Bible Study this Tues Sept. 21st beginning at 7pm followed by lite snack and then Bible Study.  We will be meeting in the Waikoloa Village Golf Course Club House at 7pm.

 "The Redeemed of the Lord Fellowship" in Sacramento, California based International ministries. 


Christian books recommended...

1) Excellence in Ministry..by Robb Thompson
2) Home Cell Group Explosion..by C. Peter Wagner
(excellent book for small group structure)
3) God Chasers...........by Tommy Tenny
(will bring you to a deeper walk with Him)
4) Prophetic for the 21st Century..Bill Hamon
(excellent to understand the Prophetic gift)
5) The Bible.....NIV version...the best!!!
(far easier to read and understand)
6) Beauty For Ashes...Joyce Meyer
(from a background you can overcome)
7) Blessing or Curse..you can choose....Derek Prince
(excellent book on deliverance above)
8) Angels ringing assurance that we are not alone.....by Billy Graham (previous book Angels, Angels, Angels I read in the 70's)
9) Under Cover by John Bevere...(excellent instructions on how and why to submit to authority)
10) Pitfall of the Prophetic...( 10 M's of Ministry) Will give you insight into the excellent expectation (standards) of ministering, a must read book for anyone involved in ministry at any level...Dr. Bill Hamon
11) "The Desires of Woman's Heart" Encouragement for Women When Traditional Values are Challenged, by Beverely LaHaye. This is a must read book for women and men both if they want to know what Godly women want and care about. However, Beverly and I do have different ideas about the ordination of women for the work of the Lord. She has a right to her opinion. But what does the Lord say, which leads me to recommend:

12) "Women in Ministry" by June Evans. An account of women the Lord recognized who were used in ministry according to scripture. Since the Lord is the same today, yesterday and forever according to scripture.

13) Christ the Healer, part of the curriculum for the "Healing" class at Rhema Bible college in Oklahoma.

14) The Purpose Driven Church, by Rick Warren, A must read for anyone who has a church or church plants.

15) South Beach Diet, as our bodies are a temple of God, we need to stay healthy, this is the most sound diet, way of life I have ever read. Goodbye Atkins diet....

16) Is That Really You God? by Loren Cunningham, excellent on Hearing the Voice of God

17) Hells Best Kept Secrets by Ray Comfort...one of the best Evangelist tools for "saving the lost,"

19) Battlefield of the Mind. Joyce Meyers...excellent account of how our mind isn't always speaking the right things to us and how to war in the spirit with the word of God to accept what Jesus says....

20) 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Life by Dr. Henry Cloud.  This is a practical but effective way to put Biblical Pyscology to work in our lives, scripture based and written by a Christian Pyscologist. 

21) Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud.  This is a Biblical based description of allowing God's boundaries to be an example of how we define our boundaries to take back control of our lives in any relationship, beginning with our relationship with Jesus.

22) Master Cleanser Diet, other wise know as the lemonade diet, for physical, mental and spiritual benefits!

23) Wild at Heart, John Eldridge, about men, how they are engineered and how they can find thier heart again!

24) Captivating, John Eldridge and his wife, about how a woman can find her heart!  I thought this was not nearly as interesting as finding out about how men are from Wild at Heart.....!

25) The Shack, by William P. Young, a couple people have recommended this book to me, wish I had read it sooner. If you want a challenge of who God is then this would be my recommendation.....

26) Every Man's Battle,Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, This is a must read for men to understand the true Biblical meaning of sexual purity.  And women, understand men's struggles more from a man's point of view.


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