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So what is being saved? It is so simple, let me share.

John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him might not perish, but have eternal life."

So how do we get it? Simply pray this prayer.

"Lord I know that I am a sinner in need of a Savior,
Please forgive me of all my sins. Help me to understand all that you have for me in this life by making you the Lord of my life.

I accept you Jesus in my heart, as my personal Savior, because you died on the cross for my sins. All you ask is that I repent and turn from my ways. I commit my soul to your care and I thank you for saving me this day. Thank you for saving me from eternal damnation in hell and thank you for giving me the assurance of my faith in You that will give me eternal life in heaven with you."

Jesus died on the cross, yes, but he rose from the dead 3 days later and was resurrected. Because this is true, you have the assurance that what was in the Bible predicting His birth, life and death and resurrection, that we are eternal and are assured a place in His kingdon, in heaven. It is in His, God's promises.

Wasn't that simple, welcome to the family, now you can be sure that you are spending eternity in the right place when you leave this earth. God is good, faithful and true, He loves you and has a wonderful plan for you. What to do now? 

A good place to start reading in the Bible would be in the New Testament the Book of John.  John gives his testimony of Jesus since he was an eye witness in those times.   Reference:  The Bible, NIV or King James Version

For example:

John 14:6 & 7, Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me."  If you really knew me, you would know my father as well.  From now on, you do know him and have seen him."


A lot of people stop right there. But, don't you want all that God has for you? Start checking out different Christ centered churches. Why? Because Jesus said "I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." Don't you want to know more? You can find all you need to know in the Bible, King James Version, or New International Version, or American Standard or the Living Bible.
If you search for Him, you will find Him. His history, Personality, His ways, it is all about Him.
Don't make it difficult, just start reading anywhere. If you are new at it, try the New Testament which is about Jesus ministry while on earth, the Old Testament is completely accurate and fortells the coming of the Messiah, the Christ, the Chosen one. The first 4 books  of the New Testament in the Bible are the synoptic writings, all similar and an account of men who spent time with Jesus that were eye witnesses.  Three of these four men Matthew, Mark, and Luke were Apostles, John was not. But the book of John is probably the easier to read of the four books written, as they lived with Him, ministered with Him and died for Him. It is all about Him.

How simple. If you love someone, you want to know all there is about that person, don't you? He loved us first and died for us. Don't let any time pass without having the opportunity to find out about why He loves us so much.

Read in Acts about how to receive the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit." This is God's Power manifested on earth, even today. The Holy Spirit is a comfort, a teacher, the very part of God we can tap into and walk with as His disciples did.
The inspiration of God through man that Jesus left so we could participate in His plan.
  copyright @ Holy Kiss Ministries 1998 All Rights reserved.


The Holy Spirit is the 3rd part of God manifested on earth today through His people. As a disciple the Lord can heal us through the laying on of hands, prayer. All we need to do is receive and believe. It is part of His promise. Salvation is a word that also when translated long ago, means healed, and made whole. So with Salvation comes healing. If you are wondering what all this is about, don't take my word for it. Pick up "The Bible" and read the good news! It is never too late, as long as you are here on earth. Receive the Holy Spirit and Jesus as God's only...begotten son. It is in His Word "the Bible" Jesus was fully God and fully man.

It is all about relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ, not just about a religion....

If you prayed the prayer of Salvation above, please let me know so I can pray for you as you become acquainted with the Lord. You can click on the comments email address below. God bless you..

Life will have more meaning, more fullfillment, abundance. It is in His promise, "the Bible."


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is God's Power with the manafestation of the gifts of the spirit according to the Bible which began at the day of Penecost in Acts 2:17. 

Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they received power from on high.  It makes sence, Jesus was on earth and was God in the flesh with us in that day.  He performed many miracles and said we will be doing more than what He began to do here.  When He left, he promised to give us this gift so we could go throughout the world with God's power to perform miracles of healing, prophecy.  God does not lie.  Why does this make sence?  It is simple, for the salvation of souls.  We have a choice to go to heaven when we die or hell.  With that in mind why wouldn't we want to bring as many souls to Jesus as we can?  What is even more amazing is that the power is not ours, it belongs to God.  We are doing nothing without Him.  It is His power, for His purpose.  We are only human with His supernatural power. 

Bible references:  Baptism of the Holy Spirit NIV Version

Mark 1:7-8..Acts 1:8..Acts 2:38...Acts 19:2 & 6...Acts 2:4 ..1Corinthians 14:14-18 & 1Corinthians 10:47

Personally, I thought I was Baptised with the Holly Spirit, receiving the Holy Spirit is the start.  The next step is to step into the call He has in our life.  That isn't always easy.  That is where the choice is.  We have a free choice.  When I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit in 1997, that was when He began to do a work in me and He still is.  We are not perfect because we are human, but one thing is sure, salvation, choosing eternal life in heaven.  We are suppose to strive for perfection.  When I looked at what the Lord had done in my life when I asked Him to, He opened doors and shut them according to His will.  Obedience is another step. 

Being obedient to the Father in Heaven is similar to being obedient to authority, or, an earthly parent in the Lord.  We do what He is telling us when it doesn't make sence, but we find out later that it was the best possible choice in our lives.  Also scripturally, we are to be obedient to our earthy husband so long as he is in the Lord.  Since I am not presently married, I have no comment on this subject.  That is another subject altogether.  Seek first the kingdom of God and all else shall follow.  God is faithful why shouldn't we be too?


Each moment we live is a present.  After this week, I am seeing how quickly the Lord is doing a work on the earth.  We only have a moment in time to do the work we were predestined to do.  How many times have we waited until the appropriate time?  The time is now.  God's love is the most powerful emotion and miracle of life.  We go day by day, doing the same thing over in some small ways.  If we stand back and just look at it all, are we doing everything we can?  Are we leaving something undone?  Looking over the past or living in the future is not today..  The scriptures tell us not to worry about tomorrow, or yesterday, today has enough of it's own to think on.  But, are we doing everything we can today??  Wouldn't it be better to be able to look back at what we have done than to wonder what it would have been like if we had just.............  We only have a moment in life, because life is a present, let us live it presently.

References are in the Holy Bible NIV or KJV...

Iron Sharpens Iron    Since Marriage has been a topic of discussion lately, I am going to give my opinion based on classes taken of benefits, understanding and Godly beliefs.  First, when God made man, He made a helper, and partner to complete each other,  not compete with each other relationship.  Men and women have giftings and abilities, especially in ministry but there has to be a differentiation from the "World View," vs. the Biblical view.  When husband and wife disagree, instead of divorcing for irreconcillable differences, a misconception from the 70's, it is really God trying to speak to them.  There is a tendency to want to lean and expect to get something from the mate when they really need to look to the Father God and listen to what "He" is saying.  It is a time to strech their character and an excellent character builder that completes man and women.  So, it is backward to the "world view."  Not time to take flight, time to fight for your marriage ordained by God by the focus on what God is doing in the completion process.  That is where many "miss it. "  So, there is a brief description of a very complicated subject to be continued under "Iron sharpens Iron.... 

Proverbs 27:17,  to be continued...................


Romans 12:1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in veiw of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God -- this is your spiritual act of worship.

Courtship is different than dating.  Dating promotes a lot of worldly relationships without Godly boundaries, that is why Christians need to develope a style different than the world.  Courtship is a way of earnestly discovering who the person is that they are seriously considering as a marriage partner, it is not a commitment of marriage, it is a time where boundaries are kept to discover the true essence of Gods purpose for this relationship and to bring out the Lord in it.  The passion of the Lord is so strong that one of or team ministers Pastor Donna Barira, described it as to be protected or "harnessed," because the "enemy," tries to kill, steal and destroy and take God's Glory for his own purpose.  So it is important to be in circumstances that will provide an environment to keep the purity in the relationship.  Holding hands and a simple kiss, on the cheek, like in Romans 16:16, where Paul says to "greet one another with a Holy Kiss."  There are books writen about it, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," is one.  The world has nothing to offer a Christian and that includes a mate.  Even Christians need to remember and adhere to the "call to purity," for that is the Lord's delight and command.  In scripture, "the Lord delights in the chastity of women," but this is not exclusively to women so men, don't think you are exempt, the Lord does not have a double standard when it comes to His Word.   The double standard is a worldly moral bannished by the "Word of God."

Proverbs 31...


Please send an email for any comments to email address,  May God bless you abundantly in every aspect of your life.